Andrew Loska

Andrew Evan Loska was born in California in 1982. He was raised and spent his formative years between San Clemente and the island of Kauai. At 7 years of age, Andrew knew that he wanted to be a surfer. He began, and hasn't stopped since. The ocean has always been a habitat for Andrew. He spent most of his time as a youth surfing and competing, with many who would later become todays world class professional surfers. Having always been a craftsman, and being blessed with a God given ability of working with his hands, surfboard shaping became the avenue of choice for his life. Midget Smith, one of the world’s best shapers and a head judge of the ASP, was one of Andrews closest friends and mentor. When Andrew was 17, he began an apprenticeship with Midget, hand shaping surfboards from start to finish. An art that has been somewhat lost to this day. “Loska Surfboards” was founded in 2001. Andrew also worked with the late Terry Martin at Hobie Surfboards. Later down the road, he honed his shaping skills with Hamish Graham at Superstix Surfboards.  Knowing the importance of a good surfboard as the main part of your equipment and the expression of yourself in the water, Andrew’s main goal is to work with others to design the surfboard of their dreams; enabling them to do what they love at their highest ability. Andrew lives, works, and draws all inspiration from Jesus Christ. 




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